When you enter a new market, everything is unfamiliar and time consuming. Having someone that can inform or assist you locally is a valuable asset. We provide you with most practical and commercial services in Europe and with our local partners also in Latin America:

Practical and commercial support

We provide practical support and information as part of your international expansion.
  • Client search and acquisition
  • Trade fair support
  • Information on trade regulation
  • Connect to logistic and legal service providers
  • Practical advice during your business visits

Let us represent your company

In some cases we are happy to discuss the possibility of (temporarily) representing your company. We maintain a high level of integrity and you can count on our qualitative approach to increase sales. In this close type of cooperation we become an extension of your company. Before we are able to become your extension, a few principles are important.

  1. We commit to your company and expect the same in return. A joined effort means we both invest our resources. That is why we will not ask you for an hourly rate, but also avoid no-cure-no-pay constructions.
  2. We can help you best when your product fits our expertise and ambition and when we share entrepreneurial mindset.
  3. You can rely on us for strategic advice and hands on sales, but our approach will always be quality based and we keep far away from telemarketing.
  • Justin Black
    Energy Innovations

    " Michel has been representing our company in Europe. He is highly knowledgeable in many markets and is dedicated to professional work. He is very attention to detail and is a great sparring partner with innovative ideas to understand "whole picture". I recommend Michel to any business looking to expand their business. "

  • Sigrid Westman
    Dutch embassy Stockholm

    " I know Michel as an ambitious and hard working colleague who is not afraid of thinking out of the box. He is always looking for the best possible way to support a customer and focuses on effective solutions in every situation. His positive attitude, energy and humor should bring out the best in any co-worker. It is a pleasure to have him as a sparring partner and friend. "